Pierre du Bois Scholarships

The Pierre du Bois Scholarships are awarded every year to the most outstanding students preparing for a PhD in International History at the Graduate Institute.

The scholarships, in the amountof 20’000 CHF each, also exempts the student from the Institute’s semester fees and are for a one-year period. They can be renewed for one additional year.

Each student applying for a PhD in International History at the Graduate Institute is automatically considered for this award. No formal application process is required. 

To learn more about the Foundation’s past scholarship holders, click on a profile below.


2018/19 – Daniel Dossou Nonvide (Benin)

2017/18 – Giuliano Fleri (Italy)

2017/18 – Salomé Tulane (France)

2016/17 – Vassily A. Klimentov (Switzerland and Russia)

2015/16 – Stan Mencke (Netherlands)

2015/16 – Mostafa Ahmed Abdellatif (Egypt)

2013/15 – Mariana Carpanezzi (Brazil)

2013/14 – Samuel Segura Cobos (Mexico)

2012/14 – Caio Simões de Araújo (Brazil)

2011/13 – Julieta Rosario Falcón-Salgado (Mexico)

2009/11 – Tzinti Ramirez Reyes (Mexico)

2008/10 – Carlos Rodrigo Sáez-Muñoz (Chile)

2008/10 – Leonardo Rodríguez Pérez (Columbia)