Le colloque annuel Pierre du Bois 2012 (Programme)

Government Debt Crises: Politics, Economics and History

14 – 15 December 2012




December 14-15, 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

Auditorium Jacques-Freymond (AJF), Parc Barton, 132 Rue de Lausanne

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Pierre du Bois Foundation



Preliminary Program


AFTERNOON Friday, December 14


12:00-13:00 Buffet Lunch


13:00-13:15 WELCOME by Irina du Bois (Pierre du Bois Foundation)



Session I. When Germany was the Problem (Chair: john wallis, maryland)

The German interwar debt crisis and its resolution in the 1950s

Albrecht Ritschl (London School of Economics)

The Last Nazi Bond

Mark Weidemaier (UNC School of Law)



Session II. Litigious issues (Chair: Tim Le Goff, York/Paris)

Revisiting the Origins of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders

Marc Flandreau (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Sovereign Defaults in Court

Julian Schumacher (Free University Berlin)


16:30-17:00 Coffee Break



Session III. Toujours la Dette  (Chair : Olga Christodoulaki, LSE)

The Crash of 1789

Tim Le Goff (York University/University of Paris – Sorbonne)

Protecting the Credit of the State from Speculation: Law, Economics, and Politics in Interwar France

Nicolas Delalande (Sciences Po, Paris)


18:30-20:00 Cocktails

20:00 Conference Dinner (La Perle du Lac, 126 Rue de Lausanne)


MORNING Saturday, December 15


Session IV. The US, too (Chair: Albrecht ritschl, LSE)

Repudiation! The Crisis of US Civil War Debt, 1865-1870

Franklin Noll (Noll Historical Consulting, LLC)

Debt, Default and Constitutional Reform: US State Debt Crises and Their Aftermath, 1837-1857

John Wallis (University of Maryland)


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break



Session V. Gatekeeping (Chair: Christoph Trebesch, munich)

Havas and Foreign Loans in France

Gabriel Geisler (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Originating foreign debt in the New York market during the interwar

Ugo Panizza (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Lawyers as Gatekeepers

Mitu Gulati (Duke Law School)


13:15-14:45 Buffet Lunch


To be communicated later





Session VI. Greeks Bearing Gifts (Chair: Mark Weidemaier,  UNC School of Law)

Small Debt, Large Problems in Cyprus: How Even Small Debt in a British Colony Led to the Political Crisis and Violence in October 1931

Alexandros Apostolides (School of Business Administration, European University of Cyprus)

The Role of the Central Bank in Rescuing Governments: Lessons from the Greek Experience of the 1890s and the 1920s

Olga Christodoulaki (Department of Economic History, London School of Economics)


16:15-16:45 Coffee Break