Leonardo Rodríguez Pérez

Leonardo Rodríguez Pérez held the Pierre du Bois Scholarship from 2008 to 2010.

He is a graduate of the Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia where he studied the history of 19th century Colombia. He was member of a research group led by Professor Armando Marnitez Garnica, appointed to carry out research on liberal reforms in Colombia in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Leonardo Rodríguez Pérez then earned a Masters in History at Limoges University, specialising in 19th century France, and a Masters in foreign societies and International Relations from the Sorbonne University in Paris I. His interest in political history of the 19th century, both French and Colombian, is combined with an interest in statistical analysis of texts (lexicometry).

With a particular interest in the history of political concepts, Leonardo Rodríguez Pérez is currently leaning towards contemporary political history. For his PhD at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, he carried out an analysis of political discourse of the Colombian Indian movement from 1970-2000.