Stan Mencke

Stan Mencke held the Pierre du Bois Scholarship from 2015 to 2016.

Stan Mencke, a Dutch-born citizen who spent most of his time in the Republic of Ireland, con- ducted his studies at Leiden University College: The Hague, and obtained his Global Justice degree in 2015. Later that year he came to the Graduate Institute in Geneva to add to his knowledge of international law and international relations by researching the histories of revo- lution and terrorism. His current research focuses on the international networks and contacts between commercial and legal organizations in the British Empire (1887-1908). Particularly, he considers financial fraud, mining, and the value of (legal) information for international inves- tors, showing how new technologies were (partially) exploited for monetary ends. His general research includes the history of international law, the role of journalism in conflicts, while still maintaining a solid interest in the study of terrorism. Presently he is seeking to work in interna- tional politics and business before turning to a PhD on legal history.