Research Grants

The Foundation grants subsidies towards expenses related to original and high quality research work in the field of current history. Ideally in conjunction with other funds, it can cover part of travel and/or accommodation and/or other costs for archival research, carrying out interviews or active participation at conferences.

Candidates for research grants must demonstrate the merits of their research and of their planned trip, as well as an adequate preparation for such a trip travel. Along with their application, they will submit the necessary authorisations for the consultation of archives, a list of the archives they intend to consult, a list of agreed interviews, or proof of their conference participation and an abstract of their contribution.


Application Procedure

Decisions about the awarding of grants are taken by the Council of the Pierre du Bois Foundation.

Grants are awarded twice a year, in September and in February. The deadline for submission of applications are 15 June and 15 November, respectively.

Applications should be sent to and should include:

  1. A text situating the candidate's work within the field of current history and demonstrating its originality (1-2 pages).
  2. A work agenda, the anticipated results of the research trip and their benefits for the candidate's research project as a whole (1-2 pages), as well as documented proof of adequate preparation for the trip.
  3. A budget, with supporting documentation.
  4. One to two letters of recommendation.