2023-Mobile Actors in Global History

Mobile Actors in Global History

April 3-4, 2023

The third Annual Pierre du Bois Doctoral Workshop, organized by the Graduate Institute in partnership with the Pierre du Bois Foundation took place at Maison de la Paix on 3-4 April 2023. The workshop’s title is “Mobile Actors in Global History” and the workshop was organized by Anna Diem and Burak Sayim, from the International History and Politics Department.


The third annual Pierre du Bois workshop brought together historians studying mobile actors and their networks to discuss theoretical and methodological challenges in our work. Participants engaged with different aspects of mobility both in the interest of and against (state) power, travelling ideas and expert networks, diaspora politics and subversive underground organising, tracing individuals’ movements through different contexts and milieus. Participants debated how we can use archives to explore these themes.

You will find a brief summary below:

Pierre du Bois Doctoral Workshop 2023