Mission Statement

The mission of the Pierre du Bois Foundation for Current History (Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l’histoire du temps présent) is to stimulate research in current history and to support researchers and students in this field.

The Foundation seeks to promote a twofold approach to current history:

  • An approach that is global/international/transnational and/or that furthers our understanding of the interconnections between the local and the global.
  • An approach that encourages the exploration of links between the present, past and future, given that the study of history enables not only knowledge of the past but also a better understanding of the present and better action for the future.

The Foundation seeks to promote current history thus understood by facilitating the development of international networks and the participation of young researchers in all its activities.

The Foundation is centered on a community of researchers united by common interests and projects. To enable its evolution and growth, the Foundation invites everyone with an interest in current history to participate in its activities and future development.