10 year Anniversary of the Pierre du Bois Foundation – 13 September 2018

On September 13, 2018, the Pierre du Bois Foundation commemorated ten years of work dedicated to research on current history. The commemoration was attended by many of those intimately involved with the creation and development of the Foundation, a partner of the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Additionally, those in attendance represented friends of the Foundation and the intellect of Geneva, Lausanne, Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

Irina du Bois, President of the Pierre du Bois Foundation, opened the evening: “Aujourd’hui nous commémorons les 10 ans de l’existence de la Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l’histoire du temps présent. Un ami à qui je disais l’autre jour « c’est une commémoration mais ce n’est pas une fête pour moi » me répondit ‘ non, mais c’est une fête pour la Fondation !’. J’ai aimé sa réponse, je la fais mienne, C’EST une fête pour la Fondation et je vous remercie de vivre cette soirée dans cet esprit-là. » It was in this manner that the evening proceeded, as both a solemn and a celebratory event.

Graduate Institute Director Philippe Burrin then introduced Professor Michael Goebel as the Pierre du Bois Chair “Europe and the World” ; this new position was created in September 2018 in partnership between the Institute and the Pierre du Bois Foundation. Professor Goebel said a few words expressing his pleasure at having joined the Graduate Institute as the first holder of the Chair.

A roundtable followed where Professor Jussi M. Hanhimäki and Professor Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou of the Graduate Institute discussed to what extent “L’histoire du temps présent peut-elle éclairer l’avenir ?” Writer, historian, and journalist Joëlle Kuntz moderated the roundtable.

A reception and dinner rounded out the night allowing those who had worked with the Foundation over the years to reconnect and to honor Pierre du Bois.

See the Invitation for September 13, 2018, watch the video of the event and view the Photo Gallery.

Watch here the video « Les 10 ans de la Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l’histoire du temps présent ».