The Annual Pierre du Bois Conference 2013 (Photo Gallery)

International Organizations and the Politics of Development: Historical Perpectives

6 – 7 December 2013


Opening and Introduction

 dsc7147   dsc7201  dsc7231


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  dsc7296  dsc7799  dsc7953

  dsc7973  dsc8083  dsc8106

  dsc8312  dsc8412  dsc8454

  dsc8624  dsc9128  dsc8923

  dsc9003  dsc9037  dsc9071

  dsc9498  dsc9522  dsc9651

  dsc0251  dsc0339  dsc0225

  dsc0322  dsc0102  dsc0167

Questions and Answers 

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  dsc8279  dsc0366  dsc7321

  dsc7325  dsc7661  dsc8771

  dsc7677  dsc7726  dsc7817

  dsc8186  dsc8209  dsc8381

  dsc8645  dsc8650  dsc9890

  dsc8808  dsc9173  dsc9277

  dsc9425  dsc0285  dsc9313

Conference Photo 


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