Thomas Gidney

Thomas completed his Ph.D. in International History at the Graduate Institute. His thesis examines how British colonies were admitted as member states to the League of Nations and the politics behind why only Britain decided to ‘represent’ its colonies internationally. His research interests are primarily in colonial and Indian history, the history of international organizations, and foreign policy.



Gidney, Thomas, “The World and a Small Place in England: Norwich’s textile industry from the ‘Middle Ages’ to ‘Industrial Revolution.” World History Connected 15, no.1 (February, 2018).

Book review of ‘The Empire’s New Clothes: the Myth of the Commonwealth’ by Philip Murphy, in Études Internationales, Volume 49, numéro 3, automne 2018:

Book Review: Amritsar 1919: An Empire of Fear and the Making of a Massacre by Kim A. Wagner, in LSE Review of Books, 2019:

(Pending) Book review of ‘The Making of Indian Diplomacy: A Critique of Eurocentrism’ by Deep Datta Ray, to be published in Diplomatica by Brill.