Farzan Sabet

Dr. Farzan Sabet is a Researcher in the Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone Project at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. He was previously a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Global Governance Centre of the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and a Nuclear Security Predoctoral Fellow at the Centre for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University. His expertise include nuclear non-proliferation, economic sanctions, Middle East politics, and US foreign policy.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sabet, Farzan, and Roozbeh Safshekan, “Soft War: A New Episode in the Old Conflict Between Iran and the United States,” Iran Media Program, University of Pennsylvania (2013): 1-26.

Sabet, Farzan, “Iran: Resolving the Nuclear Crisis,” Journal of Public and International Affairs (2013): 74-92.


Selected Media Articles

Sabet, Farzan. “Military Intervention, Iranian-style.” Web blog post. War on the Rocks, 30 June 2014. Web.

Sabet, Farzan, and Aaron Stein. “Iran’s Delicate Nuclear Consensus.” Editorial. Monkey Cage Blog. Washington Post, 29 May 2014. Web.