Felix Christoph Ohnmacht

Felix Ohnmacht obtained his PhD from the Graduate Institute, Geneva, with the highest honours for both the dissertation and the defence (summa cum laude avec félicitations du jury). In 2015-16, Felix was awarded a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Fellowship. He was a visiting researcher at Princeton University and the Max Planck Society.

From 2012-16, Felix served as the Foundation’s Editor-in-Chief of the Papiers d’actualité / Current Affairs in Perspective series.

His own research focuses on science and medicine and the social contexts in which norms of knowledge, science, and medicine were and are produced. He has also researched extensively on issues of Big Data and knowledge networks, related to his previous research as well as to health / medicine, climate change, business, AI, and science in general.

Felix is currently managing the launch of a new open-access journal at Frontiers on “Big Data and AI” – with sections on AI and Machine Learning; Big Data Applications; Business & Finance; Climate Change and Environmental Informatics; Cybersecurity; Data Management; Computer Science; and NLP.

Together with GARDP’s Director of Business & Strategy Jean-Pierre Paccaud and Prof D. Rodogno (IHEID), Felix co-leads a research team in developing key business and content insights. The trio also leads an Executive Education workshop on this project for the Graduate Institute and GARDP.

Previously, Felix has co-taught over 15 courses at the Graduate Institute and was a visiting instructor and mentor at Smith College. He also holds a M.A. from the Graduate Institute and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Wales, Swansea.

In 2017, Felix won the Pierre du Bois Prize, awarded annually by the International History Department of the Graduate Institute, Geneva, for the best doctoral thesis in International History defended at the Graduate Institute.