Caio Simões de Araújo

Caio Simões de Araújo is currently a Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (CISA) of the Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa. He holds a BA in International Relations, with a Minor in Sociology, from the University of Coimbra, Portugal (2010), and a MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Central European University, Hungary (2012). In 2017, he completed his PhD at the International History Department of the Graduate Institute, Switzerland, which included a Minor in Anthropology. His doctoral dissertation, entitled “Diplomacy of Blood and Fire: Portuguese Decolonization and the Race Question, ca. 1945-1968”, earned the highest honours (summa cum laude avec félicitations du jury).

His research draws on the intersections between diplomatic and international history, histories of colonialism and decolonization in the Global South, and transnational histories of race and (anti-)racism. He is currently working on a project that articulates diplomacy and knowledge production by comparing international (i.e. UN-driven) and inter-imperial projects of technical assistance and scientific cooperation during the 1950s and the 1960s.


Selected publications:


Caio Simões de Araújo (2017) (Editor), A Luta Continua, 40 Anos Depois: Histórias Entrelaçadas e Legados do Império na África Austral (Maputo: Alcance Editores).


Book chapters:

Caio Simões de Araújo (Forthcoming), “A Crisis of Confidence: the ‘postcolonial moment’ and the diplomacy of decolonization at the UN, ca. 1961”, in Almada e Santos, Pearson-Patel and Eggers (Ed.), The United Nations and Decolonization After World War II (London and New York: Routledge).

Caio Simões de Araújo (In Press), “Beyond race, nation, and empire: tensions of (inter)nationalism in the interwar period, 1919-1923”, in Payk M. and Pergher R. (Eds.), Beyond Versailles: Sovereignty, Legitimacy and the Formation of New Polities after the Great War (Indianapolis: Indiana University Press).

Caio Simões de Araújo (2017). “Terra Prometida ou Luso-apartheid?: o racismo colonial e a política da comparação em Moçambique, 1951-1969”, in Araújo, C. (Ed.) A Luta Continua, 40 Anos Depois: Histórias Entrelaçadas e Legados do Império na África Austral (Maputo: Alcance Editores).

Caio Simões de Araújo (2016), “Race Problems, Social Issues: Racial Equality and Empire at the Birth of the League of Nations, Paris 1919”, in Rodriguez et al. (Eds.) The work of the League of Nations in Social Issues (Geneva: United Nations Publications).

Caio Simões de Araújo (co-authored with Iolanda Vasile) (2014), “‘The World the Portuguese Developed’: Racial Politics, Luso-Tropicalism and Development Discourse in late Portuguese Colonialism”, in Hödl, G. et. al. (Org.). Developing Africa: Development Discourse in Late Colonialism (Manchester: University Press).