Basil Germond

Basil Germond is Director of Research Training for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University. He is specialised in naval affairs, seapower, maritime security and ocean governance. Prior to his coming to Lancaster in 2011, he was Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford (CCW programme) and Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews. He got his PhD from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva. Basil’s research is cross-disciplinary and aims at understanding human, social and political interactions at, from, within, and with the sea. He privileges mixed methods and approaches, ranging from corpus linguistics to content analysis to the application of IR theories. His specific research interests cover the maritime dimension of the European Union, maritime security, maritime strategy and maritime geopolitics, the concept of seapower, ocean governance, and climate change dimensions in maritime security. He has developed cross-disciplinary research within social sciences (e.g. linguistics, human geography) and beyond, notably with marine sciences.

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