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Geneva, April 23-24, 2009



Thursday April 23

[9:00 - 9:30]
Registration/ Arrival/ Coffee

[9:30 - 10:00]
Welcome Addresses and Introduction

Philippe Burrin, Director of the Graduate Institute
Irina du Bois, The Pierre du Bois Foundation
Jussi Hanhimäki, Graduate Institute

[10:00 - 11:45]
Panel 1: NATO during the Cold War: Success and Problems

Chair: Wolfgang Krieger

Anne Deighton, University of Oxford
Three Ministers and the World they made (Bevin, Acheson and Schuman in 1949)

François David, University Paris 4
La doctrine des représailles massives et l'impossible défense nucléaire de l'Alliance atlantique: de la directive MC 48 à MC 70 (1954-1959)

Leopoldo Nuti, University Roma 3
Negotiating with the enemy and having problems with the allies: the impact of the non-proliferation treaty on transatlantic relations

Sam Wells, Wilson Center, Washington
The Korean War: Miscalculation and Alliance Transformation


[13:15 - 15:00]
Panel 2: Country Perspectives: an Evolution

Chair: Thomas Fischer

Jenny Raflik, University of Cergy-Pontoise
La France de la IVè République et l'Alliance Atlantique: entre fidélité à l'Alliance et revendications nationales

Georges-Henri Soutou, University Paris 4
The Fifth Republic and NATO: odd-man out or the only country in step?

Benedikt Schönborn, University of Tampere
"To make the blocs dispensable, over time." Elements of transcending NATO in Willy Brandt's political thinking.

Daniel Möckli, ETH Zurich
Neutral Switzerland and Transatlantic Security from the Cold War to the 21st Century


[15:30 - 17:15]
Panel 3: Culture, Identity and Representation in Transatlantic Relations

Chair: Leopoldo Nuti

Tuomas Forsberg, University of Tampere
European Anti-Americanism and its impacts on transatlantic security cooperation

Jérome Gygax, Pierre du Bois Foundation
Culture stratégique et sécurité: de l'utilisation du softpower dans la politique étrangère post 9/11

Guillaume de Rougé, University Paris 3
European Security Identity since the End of the Cold War

Basil Germond, University of St Andrews
Venus Has Learned Geopolitics: the European Union's Frontier and Transatlantic Relations


[17:45 - 18:45]
Guest Speaker

Ambassador Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland to NATO
Is the Present Future of Transatlantic Security already History?


Friday April 24

[9:00 - 10:30]
Panel 4: Transatlantic Security and Out-of-Area Issues

Chair: Georges-Henri Soutou

Roland Popp, ETH Zurich
Learning from the Cold War? Changing Approaches to Persian Gulf Security

Barbara Zanchetta, University of Tampere
The United States and the "Loss" of Iran

Axel Marion, Graduate Institute
Security of the EU Boundaries in the post-Cold War Era


[11:00 - 12:30]
Panel 5: Transatlantic Relations and Institutional Issues

Chair: Samuel Wells

Hanna Ojanen, FIIA, Helsinki
EU-NATO relations after the Cold War

Wolfgang Krieger, University of Marburg
The Road to Saint-Malo: Germany and EU-NATO relations after the Cold War

Jérome ElieThe Graduate Institute
The Warsaw Pact, NATO and the End of the Cold War


[14:00 - 15:30]
Panel 6: Transatlantic Security and the Legacy of the Cold War
Chair: Anne Deighton 

Vladislav Zubok, Temple University
The Legacy of the Soviet Empire in Russian Foreign Policy

James Goldgeier, Elliot School, GWU
Transatlantic Security and 'the new Russian Threat': is a new Cold War Emerging?

Jussi Hanhimäki, The Graduate Institute
The New American Administration and Transatlantic security: Problems and Prospects


Concluding Discussion and Cocktail



Professor Jussi Hanhimaki, The Graduate Institute
Professor Georges-Henri Soutou, University of Paris 4
Dr Basil Germond, University of St Andrews, Pierre du Bois Foundation


Further information:

Bernhard Blumenau, Conference Assistant (Bernhard.Blumenau(at)



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