European Areas and the Challenges of European Construction Print E-mail
The Pierre du Bois Foundation promotes projects that deal with what is at stake in the construction of Europe, in the broadest sense. By favouring interdisciplinary perspectives, the Foundation is interested in the political, economic, social, cultural and ideological foundations of the European project, in the institutional evolution of the European Community and the European Union, and in the development of their internal and external policies.
In a context marked by the sometimes contradictory leaning towards regionalism and globalisation, the Foundation aims to integrate the analysis of European Union perceptions, of the evolution of its relationships with other States and international organisations, as well as of its regional partnerships and cooperation, within or outside the Union. Without neglecting the institutional structures of the Union and the relations between member States, the Foundation encourages projects that consider the role played by the non-state members and civil society, which frequently operate across the borders of the member states and the Union.
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