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Celine is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary background in international relations and political science. She obtained her PhD from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. Presently a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Liverpool John Moores University, she previously conducted research at the Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Central Lancashire, UK, worked on the interdisciplinary research project NCCR-Climate with fellow political scientists, economists and lawyers from the University of Geneva, and acted as academic coordinator of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Environmental Diplomacy (University of Geneva and UNEP).


Her interests include: discourse analysis and political ecology, sustainable development, Indigenous peoples, Climate politics, cultural globalisation, the human geography of the marine environment and the blue growth narrative.




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She has also contributed to the series Papiers d'actualité/ Current Affairs in Perspective of the Foundation:

Climate Change Negotiations: Deal or No Deal?, 1/2011, January 2011.


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