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January/February 2015

Special edition of the Papiers d'actualité series, featuring two papers on the topic of Ebola.


Spring Semester 2015

Raul Garcia Heras, tenured Assistant Professor of Economic History at the University of Buenos Aires and senior Research Fellow in Argentina’s National Scientific Research Council (CONICET), is at the Graduate Institute in Geneva during the spring semester 2015 as the fourth holder of the Pierre du Bois Visiting Professorship in Contemporary Latin American History, created in 2012.


May 2015

Publication of the Rapport d’activité/Activity Report 2013-2014 of the Pierre du Bois Foundation.


7 + 8 May 2015

Two day conference on ‘States and Terrorism: An Ambivalent Relationship’, hosted by the Department of International History of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. The conference examines cases of, motivations for, and responses to state terrorism and state sponsored terrorism. The Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l’histoire du temps présent supports this conference, which is organised by Professors Jussi Hanhimäki, Mohamed-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, and Bernhard Blumenau.


11 Septembre 2015

The Prix Pierre du Bois will be awarded to the best dissertation in International History defended at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies during the academic year 2014-2015.


24-26 Septembre 2015

7th Annual Pierre du Bois Conference entitled The Great Transformation? Reassessing the Causes and Consequences of the End of the Cold War

This year's conference, organised by Professor Jussi Hanhimäki of the Department of International History of the Graduate Institute in partnership with the Pierre du Bois Foundation, will focus on the end of the Cold War. The conference seeks to bring together different perspectives on the end of the Cold War. The main aim is to move beyond identifying individual protagonists, while focusing on processes and interactions.

More information and a preliminary programme of this conference will appear soon.


The Pierre du Bois Annual Lecture790px-elisabeth guigou

The Pierre du Bois Annual Lecture co-organized in partnership with the Graduate Institute
will be given in Geneva by

Élisabeth Guigou

We will announce the date and time as soon as possible.


Pierre du Bois Scholarships

Two new Pierre du Bois Scholarships will be awarded to two promising students in 2015. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding doctoral and/or master students studying International History at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.



The Pierre du Bois Foundation continues to publish regularly its "Papiers d'actualité/Current Affairs in Perspective" series on its website.

It has also established an impressive network of young researchers who are an integral part of the Foundation. 

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